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Karyolact™ Novel Enzyme mixture for high milkyield and fat percentage in cows

Enzymes are naturally occurring macromolecular biocatalysts produced by living cells to bring about specific biochemical reactions. In the context of feed additives for ruminants, enzymes are employed to catalyze the degradative reactions by which substrates (i.e., feedstuffs) are digested into their chemical components (e.g., simple sugars, amino acids, fatty acids). These are in turn used for cell growth, either by ruminal microorganisms or by the host animal. Karyolact ™ is high quality water soluble multi-activity feed enzyme formulated specifically for cattle. Karyolact TM Contains carefully chosen mixture of cellulose, hemicellulase, xylanase, alpha-amylase, pectinase, protease, lipase, mannanase and phytase. The enzymes have a wide pH range, excellent water solubility, long-term stability and high levels of enzyme activity enabling Karyolact TM to be successfully effective under wide ranging conditions around the world.

Field Trial
This field trial was conducted at Derol Village in panchmahal District, Gujarat during February to March, 2016 for 2 weeks in 7 HF Cross dairy cows.The treatment group cows (n=7) were supplemented with Karyolact TM with 10gms/1.0 L water/cow, once a day. Cows were fed ad libitum, with free access to drinking water. Cows were milked manually twice daily at morning and evening. Also the cows were divided into different groups as per their milk yield (average milking cows: 8-10 lts/day, high yielding: 12-14 lts/day and a low yielding cow nearing drying period). Milk yield and Fat% were recorded on daily basis. Finally Day-0,1,3,7 and Day 14 data was compiled for further interpretation.

Composition: Enzymes,Herbal Extracts and Proprietory factors.


  • Increased "MILK" Production.
  • Increased "MILK FAT" Percentage.
  • Improved "DIGESTION".
  • Better "HEALTH" Status.
  • Increased "PROFITABILITY".

Dose: 10 to 15 gms animal per day through drinking water .

Method of Application: 10 to 15 gms animal per day through drinking water.

Form: Powder.

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