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Fish growth depends on digestibility of fish feed and the bio-availability of the nutrients. An increased bio-availability of the nutrients contained in the fish feed will have a positive effect on the growth and performance of cultured fishes. The anti-nutrient factors (ANFs) present in the feed must be digested for efficient release of nutrients and harmful bacteria present in the gut of fish must be controlled for rapid growth and healthier fish.

This can be achieved through adding a carefully chosen mix of herbal and enzymatic feed additives for improving the digestibility of the complex feed. Our technology partners Karyotica Biologicals, Hyderabad, India have developed an innovative solution to achieve this goal by several years of intensive research and development. The outcome of our research is KARYOBLASTTM which is efficient in digesting the feed rapidly, making the nutrients bio-available and further controlling harmful bacteria in the gut, leading to rapid growth and improved health of the fish.

Regular use of KARYOBLAST™ accelerates the growth of the fish by manifolds and results in visibly healthier fish saving the culture costs and increasing profits.

Composition: Consortium of Microbes,Probiotics, Enzymes, Herbals & Microbial Immobilisers.


  • Digests organic matter from pond bottom and clears organic sludge
  • Decomposes uneaten feed and reduces BOD and COD
  • Increases DO and reduces Ammonia,HS and Nitrites
  • Protects animals from viral and bacterial diseases by eliminating pathogens
  • Improve pond ecology and shrimp survival Improves FCR"

Dose: "5 to 6 Ltrs per Acre during Pond Preparation before Stocking 1 to 1.5 Ltrs per Acre once in 11 Days during culture from 30th Day."

Method of Application:

During pond preparation: Fill the pond at least with 2ft deep water column and boradcast KARYOGEO uniformly over pond after mixing with sufficient quantity of sand or water

During culture Period: Broadcast KARYOGEO uniformly over pond after mixing with sufficient quantity of sand or water.

Form: Liquid.

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