July 16th 2015

Grand Launch of Karyomax & Karyoblast, proprietary formulations based on novel enzymes technology for aquaculture that revolutionised the aqua farming in terms of better productivity, shorter culture periods, and consistent yields to the aqua farmers.

November 1, 2015

Launch of Karyovir, a revolutionary product for the shrimp farming based on novel concept of disrupting the viral-host interactions to delay the viral entry such as WSSV to enable the farmer to harvest the culture with minimum guarantees.

30th April 2016

Launch of Karyolact, yet again a revolutionary natural product for dairy cattle for enhanced the milk yields, increase in Fat% and SNF% in the milk, faster recovery of animal from diseases and for better overall health of the animal when used continuously.

Events should include

The signing ceremony of collaborative research agreement with DDRC

Signing of tripartite agreement with IASST, Guwahati

signing of agreement with CIBA

signing of agreement with CIBA for evaluation of R9&R10