Business Model

Karyotica provides novel enzyme solutions based on innovative technologies.

We begin our activities in the state-of-the art research and development laboratory at our parent company Revelations Biotech Pvt. Ltd. and our research is predominantly in house or in collaboration with leading industry or academic partners who intends to innovate along with us.

Karyotica offers flexible business models. Most popular model has been Karyotica acting as the manufacturing arm of Revelations Biotech while branding, marketing and sales of our catalogue products to the end consumers is achieved through the company’s extensive sales and distribution network.

We have models where we undertake to develop a specific product/formulation befitting the specific needs of the client/industry and supply either on exclusive or non-exclusive basis.

On a concrete project, discussion usually starts with a disclosure of the task by client. Scientific and technological evaluations of the task are done by our in house team of scientists. Subsequently work plans, cooperation terms and legal aspects are agreed upon. Please get in touch with us to discuss the potentials of using enzymes, enzyme based technologies and probiotic applications in your businesses.